FAQ: Zauberfaden Floss - Great floss meets smart packaging
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Is using WINGBRUSH Floss qualified for children?

Yes. Adults and also children can use our floss. It´s just as effective for permanent teeth as it´s effective for milk teeth.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:28

How often do I have to clean my approximal gaps?

We suggest cleaning your interdental spaces once within 24 hours. We know this is hard, but this is exactly the time it takes for bacteria to spread, build acids and attack your teeth.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:29

Should I use WINGBRUSH Floss before or after brushing my teeth?

We suggest cleaning the approximal gaps before brushing your teeth. By using the Floss, plaque is removed. The active ingredients of tooth paste can then reach all the surfaces of your teeth.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:29

What material is the floss made of?

The floss is made of textured polyester in a biodegradable packaging. The floss is produced in Italy (EU) to have highest hygiene standards.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:30

How long should the floss be?

For each cleaning process you should use 50cm of our great floss.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:30

I have tiny approximal gaps, can I also use WINGBRUSH floss?

Yes our experience is that nearly all people can use it and even people with tiny gaps can use our floss.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:30

My gums are bleeding after using floss. What is wrong?

In most cases nothing is wrong. Gum bleeding is normal if you use floss not very often. It´s a sign of an inflammation of your gums. In case the bleeding doesn’t stop after 3-4 cleaning sessions, please ask your dentist.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:31

When should I floss or use interdental brushes?

Both are good aids to clean your interdental spaces. It depends on your preference and the anatomy of your interdental gaps. If you have periodontitis and wider interdental gaps, you better use interdental brushes. If interdental brushes are too big because your teeth have small approximal gaps, you better use floss. Floss fits in nearly all interdental gaps and our flushy floss can also clean wider gaps, because it expands while cleaning.

Last updated: January 17, 2019 12:31

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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